Early Years




Jo Ayers and Louise Robson

EYFS Teachers, Consultants, Authors

About us


We have over 15 years of teaching and management experience predominantly in Nursery, Reception and Key Stage One. During this time we have also mentored colleagues and schools to enable them to develop high quality early years provision.


Our passions include planning from the children's interests to provide a rich, high quality curriculum. This leads to a creative classroom where problem solving and critical thinking is at the heart It is this approach that lead to OFSTED awarding us consecutive 'Outstandings' in our recent inspections.



How can we help?

Supporting EYFS staff and settings.


Modelling our approach to learning within your setting,


Running training and workshops for staff.

What we do

We feel that our youngest children have a right to high quality Early Years provision. The role of the adult is vital to this being achieved.


We aim to build confidence and mentor staff into becoming more flexible and reflective practitioners by supporting them in their use of a child centred approach.


It is this approach that yields great successes in all areas of the EYFS.

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